Looking for Chancing Horizon in Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer

Perugia, giovedì 16 e venerdì 17 marzo 2023

Treatment for locally adavanced gastric cancer has been dramatically improved
during last years by the evolution of surgical approaches and the introduction of
new drug therapy.
This meeting will provide us with the opportunity to not only share the latest insights
on the ever-evolving world of gastric cancer care, but also lay the groundwork for
the forthcoming realization of completely personalized treatment of gastric cancer
according to pathological and molecular aspects.
While advances in multimodal therapy have helped to increase successful outcomes
for locally advanced tumours, the strategies for that approach have become
increasingly diverse, and the views of what constitutes the optimal strategy vary
among countries and institutions.
This conference will bring together gastric cancer Italian and international experts
to present their positions while exploring the latest opinions on clinical questions
in surgery, medical oncology, and radiology, with the aim of working toward a
consensus for the year 2023.


Looking for Chancing Horizon in Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer - Allegato